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March 2008 Reutlinger Nachrichten

The FOERSTER group of companies increases sales again to €. Further investments at the location.

The main business area of the family company is material testing using magnetic leakage flux and eddy current methods. This is used in the steel and metal industry during the production of pipes, steel rods and wires in order to detect cracks or inaccuracies. Nobody can afford leaks in pipelines. The Reutlingen company is benefiting from the demand for energy. Felix M. Förster, Managing Partner since the end of 2006 and Friedrich Keglowitch, Managing Director, report that sales have been booming for three years. Oil and gas pipelines are being expanded world wide and China is building up steelworks. 80% of the FOERSTER equipment is exported. But dams are also being built again in Germany, says Keglowich. The sales increased in the financial year by approx. 12% to € 90 million. A clear growth potential is envisaged again for 2008.