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An uninterrupted availability is a decisive factor for all customers. Regular maintenance is one strategy to minimize downtimes and maintain productivity. This helps to avoid malfunctions and ensures system availability.

  • Regular and skilled maintenance significantly increases the service life of your testing system.
  • Preventive maintenance ensures a high rate of machine availability and a high level of productivity, accordingly.
  • The availability of your FOERSTER test electronics of the DS family can be ensured by our remote service system. This service facilitates the explanation and resolution of problems, provided it is a software installation or configuration issue without requiring the deployment of a service technician. For service purposes and after your approval, we connect to your control computers via modem or VPN to quickly identify hardware or configuration errors online which can usually be rectified as well. Downtimes can thus be avoided, saving our customers time and money. The remote service also facilitates the installation of free software updates. The integration of purchased software options does usually no longer require the deployment of a service technician.
  • A general review and general renewal will make your testing system fit for the future.