Nonmagnetic metals

Nonmagnetic metals

Nonmagnetic metals, such as, for example, stainless steel or copper, have a low permeability. With the measuring systems from FOERSTER, even low-permeable properties of components can be precisely detected, which allows a reliable quality control. In this way, for example, ferritic inclusions in stainless steels can be localized or materials can be examined for residual magnetic fields. Long-term monitoring of the magnetic environment, e.g., before the installation of magnetically sensitive devices and installations, is also possible with the measuring devices from FOERSTER.


3-AXIS MAGNETOMETER: The 3-AXIS MAGNETOMETER based on FOERSTER probes is for determining the magnetic flux density in three dimensions.

MAGNETOSCOP: The MAGNETOSCOP is used to measure the magnetic flux density and the relative permeability. Many different probes are available for the portable magnetometer system.

MAGNETOMAT: The MAGNETOMAT stationary measuring system can be used to determine the magnetic flux density and the relative permeability precisely.

KOERZIMAT MS: The KOERZIMAT MS is for the precise and automatic measurement of the weight-specific and the volume-specific saturation polarization.

SIGMATEST: The SIGMATEST portable measuring device can be used to determine the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals according to the eddy current principle.