Power plant technology

The turbines in power plants and aircraft have to withstand strong forces. For this reason, the individual parts and components used in power plant technology are tested for cracks and incorrect material identities during and after production and tests for corrosion damage on the turbine blades are also performed during subsequent servicing.

FOERSTER has a system to suit every test situation:


STATOGRAPH: The STATOGRAPH product family provides various systems for precision crack testing, all tailored to suit the respective test situation. A large selection of different standard and specialist sensors facilitates automatic eddy current testing of individual components.

MAGNATEST: The MAGNATEST device family was developed for testing the material and microstructure of metal components. The units can be used for testing the material identity and hardness of individual components.

DEFECTOMETER: The mobile DEFECTOMETER testing device is suitable for manual maintenance testing. It can detect cracks as small as 20 µm and larger.

DEFECTOSCOP: The computer-aided DEFECTOSCOP mobile testing device for universal use is utilized for manual maintenance testing of electrically conductive materials for cracks and microstructure.