Rod (profile)

Rod (profile)

Profiled rods made from rolled, drawn, or pressed steel are primarily used for the construction of vehicle bodies in the automotive sector, but are also used for applications such as guide rails in the manufacture of furniture and windows.
To ensure compliance with the tough quality requirements, FOERSTER provides comprehensive test solutions:

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT can be used for the precision testing of material surfaces for point and transverse defects using non-destructive eddy current technology.

DEFECTOMAT sensor through-type coil: Various DEFECTOMAT sensor through-type coils adjusted to fit various shapes are available for the testing of profiled rods. We also realize customer-specific sensor solutions, tailored to meet your requirements and test tasks.

MAGNATEST D-HZP: The MAGNATEST D-HZP test system is used for material identification checking and heat treatment checking in semi-finished products. The system uses the magnetic-inductive method.

FOERSTER also provides the MAGNETOSCOP and MAGNETOMAT measuring instruments for measuring permeability and magnetic flux density.