Due to their rough material surface, billets with a round cross-section require special test systems for the reliable detection of surface defects.
FOERSTER provides two automatic test systems for the testing of round billets which can be used to replace the personnel-intensive magnetic powder test (magnetic crack detection):

DEFECTOVISION: The surface test of the DEFECTOVISION is based on thermal flow thermography. By analyzing the thermal spread on the billet surface, even the smallest defects in the material surface can be detected and visualized. All but a few millimeters of the ends of the materials are also covered by the test.

CIRCOFLUX: The CIRCOFLUX test system uses the AC flux leakage method for testing as eddy current testing´would create too many disturbance signals due to the rough material surface. The CIRCOFLUX can be used for reliably testing round billets for longitudinal defects in the material surface.

MAGNATEST D-HZP: The MAGNATEST D-HZP test system performs automatic material identification checking and heat treatment checking in billets. The system uses the magnetic-inductive method.

In order to measure permeability and magnetic flux density, FOERSTER also provides the MAGNETOSCOP and MAGNETOMAT measuring instruments.