Spring wire

Spring wire

Spring wire is specially shaped wire  which is particularly resistant due to tempering. Spring wire is used for chassis springs, valve springs, etc. in the automotive industry.
Diligent material testing is crucial due to the high quality requirements in the automotive sector:

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT test systems are used for reliably testing  spring wire for point and transverse defects in the material surface.

CIRCOGRAPH: The CIRCOGRAPH product family was developed for the detection of longitudinal surface defects. These systems are contactless and use rotating test heads.

DEFECTOMINI: Developed for particularly intricate test tasks from a material diameter of 0.3 mm, the DEFECTOMINI sensor system reliably detects surface defects in spring wire.

MAGNATEST D-HZP: The MAGNATEST D-HZP test system performs automatic material identification checking and heat treatment checking in spring wire. The system uses the magnetic-inductive method.