CT | Component Testing

For non-destructive quality control of metal components in the automotive and parts industry, Division CT (Component Testing) has developed test devices as well as customized and fully automatic complete systems. Based on the eddy current method, these test devices can detect and document surface defects, such as cracks and pores, assuring the highest testing security and reliability.
A further application area is the testing of material properties. This makes it possible to validate material and detect heat treatment conditions early on. In particular, the magnetic inductive systems make it possible to check the surface hardness and the hardness penetration depth on a variety of component geometries. For both areas of application, there is a wide range of different sensors that are specially adapted to your individual testing task.
Accompanying the quality control process for safety- and function-critical components, for example, brake disks, wheel hubs, drive shafts, valves, and camshafts, the high precision of FOERSTER technologies is trusted throughout the world.