TS | Semi-Finished Product Testing

Division TS (Semi-Finished Product Testing) specializes in the development and production of technical systems for automated, non-destructive testing of long metal products and heavy plates. Electromagnetic methods, such as eddy current testing or flux leakage testing, as well as ultrasound and inductive heat flow thermography, allow semi-finished products to be tested for defects that are invisible to the naked eye.

The main markets for these systems are the metal-producing and metal-processing industries. The main focus of Division TS is on surface testing, although methods for core defect testing, material validation testing, and wall thickness measurement are also used.

The product range of FOERSTER extends from individual test devices to complex multi-testing lines. Experienced equipment specialists can individually plan and implement system solutions according to your specific requirements. This results in tailor-made testing systems.
The durable and robust FOERSTER systems are now considered the industrial standard in quality assurance and are used worldwide.