Precision marking of defects on the test piece

Marking of different defects with various colors

FOERSTER provides a color marking system for accurately and automatically marking defects found during surface testing. This system can easily be integrated in the existing test equipment. The various defect types (such as longitudinal, transverse, external, and internal defects and various defect sizes) can be marked differently if required. Several units are combined and filled with various colors for this purpose.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Low maintenance single and multiple channel color coding
  • Marking colors with different consistency can be used
  • Precision marking of defects due to extremely short response time
  • Defect types such as longitudinal, transverse, external, and internal defects can be marked using different colors

Technical Data

Nominal voltage for triggering the solenoid valve: 24 V ± 10%
Air pressure at the filter regulator inlet: min. 4 bar, max. 8 bar
Control air: min. 4 bar
Nebulizer air: 2 to 4 bar
Container pressure: 0.5 bar
Spray gun type: PILOT Signier V 2036010083 (Walther)
Color container type: V 4402130003, MDG2 (Walther)
Storage time: max. 12 months (optional extension after interim inspection by FOERSTER personnel)
Available colors: all commonly available marking colors with suitable drying times, including ink