Non-destructive eddy current testing of long products with DEFECTOMAT

Affordable and compact quality assurance solution

The modular DEFECTOMAT ECM is extremely compact, yet features many options for integration in popular production systems. Designed for simple operation, the compact test instrument performs Yes/No filtering of the test materials. The module has an integrated port for expanding the line functionality, e.g. for a marking, sorting, and crosscutting device. In addition, the test results can be logged, statistically analyzed, and archived via a connected master computer.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Module for eddy current testing with through-type coils, reduced to its essential features
  • Various fixed frequency modules available
  • Multiple frequency module as optional extra
  • Simple controls
  • Unidimensional signal display with LED bar graph
  • Yes/No filtering
  • Simple integration in control cabinets
  • Optional expansion for additional requirements such as phase adjuster, absolute channel, output amplifier, oscilloscope, RS-232 port for parameter adjustment
  • Adapter for saving the configuration data for quick refitting

Technical Data

Measurement channels: 1, optional additional absolute channel
Excitation frequencies: 10 kHz, optional frequency module, max. 8 levels
Filtering process: HP+TP, manual adjustment, 25 levels, 1 Hz - 16 kHz
Amplification: max. dynamic range 102 dB
Test speed: max. 150 m/s
Sensor monitoring: disruption, overload


DIN EN ISO 15549

Describes the general bases of eddy current testing.

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