DEFECTOVISION IR tests the entire surface of the material

Innovative testing with FOERSTER

The DEFECTOVISION IR system is an addition to FOERSTER's core competence, the non-destructive testing of semi-finished metal products. All around the world, more than 6.5 million tons of steel have been tested safely and efficiently by now with our latest technology.

The automatic infrared technology applied by FOERSTER provides new approaches for previously impossible testing tasks.


Inductive heat flux thermography facilitates the testing of entire surfaces of hot-rolled steel billets and tubes with round, square, or rectangular cross-sections as well as rails and profiles. Flat surfaces as well as exterior and interior radiuses are tested fully and reproducibly. All but a few millimeters of the ends of the materials are also covered by the surface test.

Technical Data

Test products: Round and square ferromagnetic steel billets
Diameter / edge length: 50 – 300 mm
Test product length: min. 4 m
Max. test speed: 1.5 m/s
Untested ends: type 5 mm
Minimum defect depth: 0.3 mm
Minimum defect length: 10 mm