Inductive heat flux thermography

Automatic testing – intuitive controls – secure documentation

The analysis principle developed and patented by FOERSTER sets new standards for the heat flux thermography of steel billets, tubes, rails, and profiles. It ensures the detection of material defects at selected depths and simultaneous minimization of incorrect warnings.
The modern graphic user interface of the DEFECTOVISION IR software is based on the popular FOERSTER DS platform and has been expanded with new operating structures and displays. This makes it simple and clear to operate. The data relevant to testing is archived in a Microsoft® Server database which can be accessed with Microsoft Office tools as well as customer-specific applications. The optional integration in existing company networks completes the test system.



Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully automatic testing of round and profiled steel billets, tubes, and rails
  • Adjustable defect thresholds for targeted depth selection
  • Reduces repair costs by suppressing incorrect warnings
  • Comprehensive electronic documentation of the test results
  • Integration in existing production and quality systems