Non-destructive eddy current testing of long products with DEFECTOMAT

Low-cost sensor systems for testing slightly ferromagnetic materials

Sensor system P was developed for the eddy current testing of slightly ferromagnetic materials such as rods and tubes which are sufficiently homogenized with permanent magnetization. The system can be used for testing austenitic and non-ferromagnetic metals as well as slightly ferromagnetic metals in one piece or the continuous testing for surface defects. Combined with a FERROMAT channel, it is also possible to detect iron enclosures in non-ferromagnetic materials.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Testing of austenitic and non-ferromagnetic as well as slightly ferromagnetic metals with sufficient magnetization
  • Test material diameter from 1 - 40 mm
  • Test coil and protective nozzle sizes increase in small increments for optimum test results
  • For testing with through-type coils, segment coils, and DEFECTOARRAY sensors
  • Suitable for FOERSTER coils: through-type coils and DEFECTOARRAY

Technical Data

Defect types by defect detectability DIN EN ISO 15549: Transverse and point defects
Test material diameter: 1 mm - 40 mm
Iron enclosure detection: Combined with FERROMAT channel with DEFECTOMAT DA, DEFECTOMAT DI/CI