Test instrument for detecting cracks in complex workpieces

Eddy current module for standard applications

The Statograph ECM is a modular eddy current test instrument for simple standard applications. It is a low-cost, fully line-compliant basic unit featuring modern technology and PC port for simply and reliably detecting cracks and defects during the production process. The test material is automatically sorted by Yes and No. The unit can be developed into a multi-channel test system and optionally expanded with the eddyAssist operating and visualization software.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Low-cost eddy current module for non-destructive testing
  • Processor-controlled compact unit
  • Simple unit operation
  • Sorting of the test pieces into two groups: "OK" and "NOK"
  • Unidimensional measured value display with LED bar graph
  • Key-operated switch for locking the control unit

Technical Data

Excitation frequency: 1 kHz, 3 kHz, 10 kHz, 30 kHz, 100 kHz, 300 kHz, 1 MHz, 3 MHz, can be selected with plug-in module
Sensor: Differential or absolute sensor
High-pass, low-pass filter: 1 Hz to 16 kHz, 25 levels
Analysis type: Complex plane analysis
Phase-selective component analysis (optional)
Clearance compensation (optional)